What Does Villa in Cote D’Azur Really Mean?

The word « villa » has been designating several different things throughout the ages. Its meaning also changed depending on where the designated thing was set. oglasi za prodazba na avtomobili

In Ancient Rome and in Roman Gaulle, a villa was a squire estate, with large fields, farm buildings and sometimes an accommodation. It was for the Romans, the Villa Rustica.

Later on, the word “villa” was used to describe a street or an alley, which was lined with detached houses.

In Italy, it designated a rich house, with a park, fountains, etc like the Villa Medicis, Villa Borghese and Villa d’Este.

Nowadays, a “villa” generally describes a detached house, rich, elegant, with garden, which is often set on the seaside and used for holidays, like the many villas in the Cote d’Azur. It also describes suburban big and rich houses. They were classified as Villa Urbana. In the whole Europe, the word is commonly used to talk about a recent house with garden, very smart and of good size. They generally comprise no more than two floors but are still big.

Prices for villas in Cote d’Azur vary a lot depending on the area, the view, the land size, the number of bedrooms. That is why you will find villas from EUR 250,000 up to EUR 1,500,000. But EUR370,000 will buy you a 2-bedroom villa in Cote d’Azur, with swimming pool.

As for luxurious villas, their price usually reach EUR4,800,000 but they can be much more! Such properties are sea-facing villas, set in calm and green areas with dreaming overflow swimming pool.

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